Anthony van Dyck

Anthony van Dyck
  • Short Name:
  • van Dyck
  • Alternative Names:
  • Antoon Van Dyck, Anthonis van Dyck
  • Date of Birth:
  • 22 Mar 1599
  • Date of Death:
  • 09 Dec 1641
  • Focus:
  • Paintings, Drawings
  • Mediums:
  • Oil, Wood, Other
  • Subjects:
  • Figure, Scenery
  • Art Movement:
  • Baroque
  • Hometown:
  • Antwerp, Belgium


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Anthony van Dyck Works

    • Charles I
    • Charles I and Henrietta Maria with their two eldest children Prince Charles and Princess Mary
    • Charles I at the Hunt
    • Charles I with M. de St Antoine
    • Crucifixion
    • Double Portrait of Brothers Lucas and Cornelis de Wael
    • Equestrian Portrait of Charles I
    • Frans Snyders
    • Isabella Brant
    • James Seventh Earl of Derby His Lady and Child
    • Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo
    • Margareta Snyders
    • Portrait of Adriaen Brouwer
    • Rinaldo and Armida
    • Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy
    • Samson and Delilah
    • Samson and Delilah 1630
    • St Martin dividing his cloak
    • Susanna and the Elders
    • Rinaldo conquered by Love for Armida
    • Self-portrait an etching

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